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Three JLPT test-takers living in Japan talk about Japanese language, culture and the JLPT!

  • My First Encounter with Japan
  • Why the JLPT is Worth It
  • Phrases that Represent Japanese Culture

My Great Discoveries in Japan

I like the residential areas in Japan. In China, most people live in apartments, and only the wealthy people own detached houses as their residences or holiday homes. Japanese detached houses may be small but they are well looked after, and the rows of those houses look so cute. I really like the peaceful scene of an old lady cleaning up the street in front of her house every morning. That's why when my parents come to Japan I want to show them the street where I live more than the Tokyo Tower.

There's no litter in the streets of Japan and the towns are really clean. And I really admire the way that the Japanese always keep their homes so clean. In Vietnam, there's a lot of litter in the streets, so it's been a good lesson for me.

I like going for a stroll through the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. It has a big, peaceful Japanese garden, and is really relaxing. I've just arrived in Japan, so I'm really looking forward to seeing and experiencing lots of different aspects of Japan. I haven't tried a hot spring bath yet, so that's something I want to do.

I really recommend that. They make you feel so good. Mind you, I was embarrassed at first because we have no custom of bathing in public without swimsuits in Vietnam.

We do have hot springs in Poland, but we wear swimsuits when we use them. At the moment I'm still too busy with my classes to go on a trip. I have to study hard for the moment.


I'm going to work hard in Japan, too, and one day I want to have a detached house of my own in Japan!


JLPT Bulletin 2013

JLPT Bulletin 2013

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  • First test: Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • Second test: Sunday, December 1, 2019
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