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Composition of Test Sections and Items

2024 JLPT dates


  • 1st test  Sunday, July 7
  • 2nd test  Sunday, December 1

Test sections and test times

Level Test sections 〈Test time〉
N1 Language Knowledge(Vocabulary/Grammar)・Reading 〈110min〉
No change of test time
Test time is 〈55min〉 from the test in 2022 (December).
N2 Language Knowledge(Vocabulary/Grammar)・Reading 〈105min〉 Listening
N3 Language Knowledge(Vocabulary)〈30min〉 Language Knowledge(Grammar)・Reading 〈70min〉 Listening
N4 Language Knowledge(Vocabulary)
Language Knowledge(Grammar)・Reading
N5 Language Knowledge(Vocabulary)
Language Knowledge(Grammar)・Reading

* Beginning with the test in 2022 (December), the test time is changed for “Listening” for N1. The new test time is indicated in blue in the table above.

* Beginning with the test in 2020 (December), test times are changed for “Language Knowledge (Vocabulary)” and “Language Knowledge (Grammar)・Reading” for N4 and N5. New test times are indicated in red in the table above.

* For questions concerning the change in test times, please refer to the FAQ or send us an inquiry.

*The time allotted for each section may change. The time allotted for the Listening section may differ slightly according to the length of the recorded materials.

Composition of test items

Questions in each test section are categorized into type of test items according to competence to be measured. Each test item type contains multiple questions. Purposes of test item types are determined for each level.

Test section Type of test items N1 N2 N3 N4 N5
Language Knowledge

Vocabulary Kanji reading
Word formation
Contextually-defined expressions
Grammar Sentential grammar 1
(Selecting grammar form)
Sentential grammar 2
(Sentence composition)
Text grammar
Reading Comprehension
(Short passages)
(Mid-size passages)
(Long passages)
Integrated comprehension
Thematic comprehension
(Long passages)
Information retrieval
Listening Task-based comprehension
Comprehension of key points
Comprehension of general outline
Verbal expressions
Quick response
Integrated comprehension
Links to purposes of test item types for each level N1 N2 N3 N4 N5

Test Guide

  • Composition of Test Sections and Items
  • Scoring Sections, Pass or Fail, Score Report
  • Test Results Announcement
Test Dates
  • First test: Sunday, July 7, 2024
  • Second test: Sunday, December 1, 2024
*Outside Japan, the test may be held only in July or December in some cities. Click here for the test schedule in your city.

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